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Do your chakras need Healing? ~ GLAMOUR GLOBE

The chakra is a point in the body that is associated with, and transmits the life force energy. The word 'chakra' comes from the sanskrit and literally means 'spinning wheel or sphere of energy'.
Traditional Hindu writings have often said that there are nearly 90,000 points of Chakra throughout every human body, but there are truly only seven extrmely important points of Chakra. These seven vital points of Chakra can be found from the bottom of the spinal cord all the way up to the top of the head.
These seven points are the base chakra, the sex chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the chakrra of the heart, the chakra of the throat, the chakra of the brow, and lastly the crown chakra. These points on our body take in energy from the people in our environment and also transmit energy to the people in our environment. Therefore, they also influence us mentally, emotionally, and our daily activities including spiritual activities that we may do.
Whether you believe in the Hindu philosophies and doctrines of human body function explanations or the Chinese medicinal beliefs or even the modern psychological research findings, the energy points or the chakras are the common thread that would bind all explanations and definitions.
Studies have shown that chakra's stay in constant movement the matter whether person is sweeping or steer a week. Because of the constant movement it helps to influence such things on a person like: physical disorders, they are body is structured, or appearance, glandular processes, the way we conduct ourselves and the way we think. It is safe to say that if just one of our chakra's is not working properly, we can suffer with an imbalance that can affect our whole body.
All this is due to the fact that the seven major chakras correspond to the endocrine system of our body. With the imbalances in the major functioning of the body system, the functioning of the chakras disrupts from the normal behaviour or activity.
It is extremely important to attempt to maintain Chakra balance by using the above as a starting part. It is important that you realize all major illnesses are related to one of the seven main chakras. There may not be physical evidence yet of the illness, but emotions or worries from past events in our lives may still effect us today emotionally as well as spiritually.
One of the major causes of chakra imbalance is associated with repressed emotional baggage that develops from past trauma. These habitually buried emotional toxins of the subconscious influence the cellular level of our body.
This is why it is extremely important to come to terms with the events that have occurred in our life in order to heal ourselves through chakra.
It is important to keep a healthy chakra so that you body can function as it should and you can do this by doing such techniques as aromatherapy, chakra balancing by use of gemstones, crystals or a pendulum, Reiki healing or color therapy.
Many health conscious individuals enjoy performing the physical and breathing exercises of yoga as doing so is most beneficial for chakra balance maintenance.
Some other ways that we can heal our Chakras include mediation as well as guided visualization. These techniques can help to reduce stress and harness the power of the mind.
Despite the fact that we can not physically see or touch our chakras, they can work independently to sustain our body.
It is a fact that our bodies must be fed the proper foods in order to maintain our chakras. There are specific foods that are beneficial to major chakras.
Root vegetables and foods that are rich in protein and spices help to nourish the root chakra. The sacral chakra that associates with the sexual and creative being is nourished by such foods as sweet fruits, nuts, cinnamon, vanilla and seeds such as sesame and caraway. Spicy mints, dairy products, yogurt, pastas, bread and cereals nourish the solar plexus chakra that inspires our sense of self confidence and self love.
The chakra of the heart functions the best when eating leafy vegetables like cabbage and also drinking green tea. The throat chakra desires that you drink lots of water and juices like apple juice, grape juice, and even orange juice!
The brow or third eye chakra which enhances our sharpness of third eye sight and an in-depth sense of our own psychical gifts is nourished by consuming grapes, blueberries, grape juice and wine.
Detoxifying the body is beneficial to the crown chakra which is our emotional and spiritual center. This is done by the ritual inhalation of incense and herbs and by fasting.
When we stimulate our chakras we directly influence our health. We move towards being more responsive and spiritual as we attune ourselves completely with our surroundings and the elements of the physical and metaphysical world in which we live.

Do your chakras need Healing? ~ GLAMOUR GLOBE:

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18- खाद्य सुरक्षा और मानक अधिनियम अब तक लागू नहीं

19- दुनिया में सबसे ज्यादा शादियाँ करने वाला कौन है?
इसका श्रेय भारत के ज़ियोना चाना को जाता है। मिजोरम के निवासी 64 वर्षीय जियोना चाना का परिवार 180 सदस्यों का है। उन्होंने 39 शादियाँ की हैं। इनके 94 बच्चे हैं, 14 पुत्रवधुएं और 33 नाती हैं। जियोना के पिता ने 50 शादियाँ की थीं। उसके घर में 100 से ज्यादा कमरे है और हर रोज भोजन में 30 मुर्गियाँ खर्च होती हैं।

20 - ब्लॉगर्स मीट अब ब्लॉग पर आयोजित हुआ करेगी और वह भी वीकली Bloggers' Meet Weekly

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